The basic structure of the Applications

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You've logged in and now see a series of applications. 

The application landing page showcases a variety of tools we've developed, both for our own use and for others. These tools serve as inspiration for anyone looking to build applications using our Vault AI platform.

Each application has a slightly different structure, and they integrate multiple AI models in various ways. Let's delve into one of them to explore further.

Upon entering an application for the first time, you'll have the opportunity to read about its description, key features, and view screenshots showcasing its interface before launching it.

To launch the application, simply click on the "Launch" button located in the top right corner, as highlighted in the photo below.

In each Application, the interface may vary slightly, but they all share similar basic structures.

We typically have a tab dedicated to the application, which features a structured layout. This includes a series of key prompts, input areas, and a call-to-action button for users to interact with. For instance, in this case, the button might be labeled "Generate THEMES & ACTIVITIES." When clicked, it initiates the generation of various activities based on our default models.

In each application, there's a stack of AI models tailored to its specific functionality. This means there are multiple AI models, each utilizing its unique dataset to generate responses within the application. By default, the applications come with pre-selected models. However, changing them is straightforward.

To switch models, simply click on the default model.

Select your new model, and go back to the application. 

*Make sure the model you selected has been trained!

If you don't have a model yet created in your own vault, you can do so and then go back into the application to select it.

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